Wendy Alsup has written a comprehensive and faithful account of what the Bible has to say about women.

This is a book written by a woman for women (or men) who may have questions or even hesitations about the way Christianity views and treats women.

Wendy first lays some important groundwork in the opening chapters of her book about how we should approach the Bible as one big Christ-centred story and not just a series of disconnected small stories. She examines the idea of “goodness” through a biblical lens as well as who gets to define what is good (spoiler alert: it isn’t us!). Then she works through what the whole Bible says about women, without skipping the more difficult parts (like the rape of Dinah, for example, or some of the more confusing Old Testament laws). Her analysis of these passages is careful, thorough, balanced, and biblically faithful.

A very helpful read for anyone with an interest in women's issues.